Former Manhattan agency directors turned Brooklyn hands-on designers.
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We’ve worked with some pretty great people at some pretty awesome companies. We also spend about 3 months a year working on  self-initiated projects.
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Shantell Martin
We usually work for clients, we sometimes do self-initiated projects, but this was the first project we did for a friend.
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On day one, we knew absolutely nothing about lighting design. When we launched four months later, we could have written an entire dissertation on the matter.
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Shantell Martin
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We have set up our studio so we can be personally involved with every single project and get to be choosy about what work we take on — client or self-initiated .
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Anton Repponen
Solving problems and creating new visual languages is my biggest passion. My architecture background makes me think of design in a structural and humanistic way. Everything will need to make perfect sense and will need to be designed around the user since the place I’m designing might end up being the place where some people will spend their entire lives.
Favorite design piece
OP-1 synthesizer by Teenage Engineering
Dream Project
Get paid to travel the world. Design a website for a toilet paper brand. Redesign the interface of a digital camera.
Irene Pereyra
Growing up in Amsterdam I was constantly surrounded by modernist design, which very heavily influenced my taste and sensibilities. To me, great design is practical and starts with breaking things down to its simplest form, the straightest line from A to B. Anything superfluous makes me uneasy. I frequently have heated debates on how things can be done better with less stuff.
Favorite design piece
The Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer.
Dream Project
Retrace T. E. Lawrence’s steps during the Arab Revolt. Redesign the entire Air and Space Museum in DC. Make an infographic about all the Space Race stats.
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas, student work or opportunities to be part of an event.
Say Hello
If you have an interesting project, an RFP, or just need some help, reach out to us. We’re available.
We also teach, lecture, give workshops, and love sharing our knowledge, and we’ll literally go anywhere!
Our sunny Greenpoint studio is in the old Eberhard Faber Pencil Factory, which was once the largest manufacturer of lead pencils in the United States. It quickly grew to become one of the most important factories in Brooklyn, and employed many workers, most of whom were women. When the company shut down its Brooklyn factory in 1952, they left behind a complex of warehouses, including an art deco building with giant FREAKING PENCILS on it! And no, you can't use them. They're ours.
Stay up to date on upcoming events, new work and random musings.
We have given interviews on the rooftop of a Manila hotel, a Chinatown dumpling house, and in an old movie theater. Find them and others on Facebook and Twitter.
All of a sudden you have to sit in a lot of meetings that have nothing to do with design, and we’re like, wait a minute, we’re designers!”
The more chaos there is in my life in terms of new experiences and things to do and see, the more productive and relaxed I am.”
The two share the same aesthetic, which Pereyra says is inspired by classic 1980s Dutch graphic design and a board game she used to play as a child.”
From CNN
Sometimes incredible buildings disappear behind the cars on the street or the branded coffee shops around the corner. I wanted to showcase them as the architect had intended.”
We learned by making mistakes. Every time we lost a pitch, we would request a call with the client to ask where we went wrong and why they didn’t choose us.”
We saw this project like a personal research project. We wanted to tell this story, and we were curious about the data that would come in afterwards.”
From designboom
New York City’s most famous architectural monuments are isolated from the existing urban fabric and re-situated in the middle of deserts, on the tops of mountains, and in the depths of the ocean.”
From Float
We deliberately named the studio after ourselves so that it would be clear that we’re designers, and not an agency.”
From dezeen
The project’s aim is to explore and develop ideas for shared living to solve current housing problems, like affordability, rapid urbanisation and loneliness.”
Through experimentation we get out of our rut and out of our comfort zone and become stronger designers because of it.”
From the FWA
My favorite part of the job is the blank page, the thinking time. My least favorite is the the very end, the dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s time.”
From Wired
There are a lot of buildings designed in New York that are very beautiful, and within a year they turn into shit.”
We wanted to make sure lighting designers and architects would be able to quickly find the right amount of information at the right time.”
From Medium
Sometimes it really helps to start somewhere completely differently and allow yourself to be really open about where this new route might take you.”
Designer Anton Repponen places Manhattan buildings in desolate landscapes, inviting viewers to see them as if for the first time.”
We always start at 9AM, yes, even having your own studio, discipline pays off!”
From the FWA
For our new site we wanted a combination of playful imagery mixed in with clean typography and striking colors.”
From designboom
We live in our own little echo chambers of information and are surrounded by so much like-mindedness. It’s lovely that despite this bubble creation, people prefer to live with those who are different to them.”
I chose Anton and Irene because they seemed the most progressive and there was a sense of ease about their work and them personally. I must like the people I work with always.”
From the FWA
Excitingly, nothing is here to stay. The hyperspeed at which technology accelerates is absolutely fascinating and not something anyone should feel nostalgic about.”
From Poynter
Together with the client we made very bold decisions. We did things that we knew people were probably not going to be comfortable with.”
From Readymag
One of the main influences for me were my parents. They’re both fashion designers and I grew up surrounded by textiles, fabric patterns and sewing machines.”
From Metajive
You can be tough, you can be charming, and there are times when you can tell the client that they are wrong. As long as you can communicate clearly, you will usually get your way.”
From the FWA
Mostly what inspires me are the things that are done wrong or don’t work at all, that gives me ideas on how to fix them.”
From Designmodo
I spend my money on experiences like cameras and lenses and music equipment. Anything that allows me to create and learn new things. Same story with traveling.”
I’m allergic to social media. People that are now in their 20s, are so narcissistic. I feel it brings out the worst in people. It almost scares me.”
All interaction should feel like Fisher Price. When you make things bulky and oversized and for fat fingers, it will automatically be easier to use.”
I don’t think I would like to have the same wrist watch you have.”
We really dislike grand reveal type presentations. Typically we work for a day and then record a video walkthrough and send it to the client.”
From Inc
Next time you’re designing your research, ask yourself if you’re being experimental enough. Are you experimenting with your experiment?”
But what do people really want from co-living? Do they want to share their bathroom? How about the costs of food? Who would they want to live with?”
Don’t underestimate the power of the presentation. Clear communication eliminates a lot of feedback and makes the client feel like you have everything under control.”
From Archinect
The documentary maps Irene’s childhood experience of growing up in a communal house in Amsterdam.”
From Medium
The thing that worried me most about attempting to be part of this communal living revival, was the potential for what I imagined to be a cruise-ship mentality to fun.”
From RGD
As successful as the project was, it wasn’t without challenges along the way. Midway through the project, USA Today was rebranded by Wolff Olins.”
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